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Administrators of a small junior hight school need a way to enroll and manage students attending school. Parents would also like to be able to keep up with the progress of their child in school.

My Role

After briefly discussing certain requirement that will be needed in this project, my role as the UI/UX designer. I was given 5 days to research, implement the features, interactions, and visuals.


Create an app that can be used on both a computer and mobile phone while allowing the administration to add students and assign them to a teacher and class. Each enrolled student will later be added to a teachers roster when finalized. Additional features will include an overview of assigned classes, teachers, and calculated GPA for parents to easily view and keep up with their child’s progress.

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My Process


  • enrollment home
  • student-batch-interaction
  • Student Enrollment Add Student Interaction
  • Student Overview Add a Class Confirmation
  • Student Overview